Bernhard Dawahoya Buckle


Some trades just happen if you take your time and put some miles on your clock.
After this years Prescott Indian Market, we drove across Arizona and New Mexico in one day to Cochiti Pueblo, because Sue and Cippy Crazyhorse invited us for a long time to their Feastday. After the first dances, we made our round through the arts and crafts booths. Suddenly, somebody yelled at us. It was Lyndon B. Tsosie, so we stoped by to say hello.
Beneath creating breathtaking jewelry, he specializes to buy old collections. We found this awesome Bernhard Dawahoya buckle, a collectors dream. His work is in Museums worldwide and in 1989 he was honored to become an Arizona Living Treasure.
We took the buckle back to Arizona to our Hopi friend Weaver Selina. He buffed it for 30 minutes with deepest respect and told us, that he was a student from Bernhard.
Weight: 100 gram
Length: 4 inch, width: 3 inch, fits a 2 inch belt

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