Bisbee Concho Belt


We met longtime Trader Bodine Jones in Farmington, New Mexico. Her father taught silversmithing to the Navajos back in the sixties and seventies. He gave his daughter Bodine these beautiful Bisbee stones. Back than, Bodine had her own Gallery and worked together with Navajo silversmith Daniel Benally. She gave him the stones and he built that beautiful concho belt in a classic sunburst design. Since the early eighties, the belt was in Bodines trunk for her retirement.
We bought the belt and Bishoffs Shade of the West in Scottsdale put the conchos on a great, dark brown leather belt.
If you ever wanted to own a Bisbee concho belt, that' s your chance. 200 carat of beautiful old Bisbee Turquoise, a classic silverwork on a solide leather belt.

8 conchos together: 4 conchos 3 1/2 by 3 inch, 4 conchos 3 1/4 by 2 1/2 inch

1 1/2 Inch, dark brown leather belt

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