Huge Morenci Ceremonial Bracelet


Because it is getting hard to find good natural Turquoise in newer pieces, we looked for older jewelry, which comes out of collections from time to time.
We found this incredible Ceremonial Bracelet, which was probably made in the early sixties not for the Tourist market.
The silversmith got an 872 carat !!! highgrade, natural Morenci Turquoise and built a very heavy silverwork with leaves and teardrops around it.
On our whole travels, we never saw such a huge natural Morenci stone, set in such a great heavy gauge silver bracelet.
Because of the outstanding stone, the heavy silverwork, the age and ceremonial meaning, this piece is a collectors dream.
Weight: 340 gram, Opening: 1 1/4 inch, innercircumference: 5 1/2 inch