Old Fox Bracelet


A very seldom seen heavy bracelet made by Jake Hanagarne out of the collection of McGees Indian Den, when this outstanding Gallery was still in Old Town Scottsdale. A heavy, traditionell silver work, probably made in the late sixties with two huge gemgrade 300 carats Fox Turquoises.
Jake Hanagarne was a World War II Veteran of the south pacific campaign and participated among the famous Navajo "code talkers" whose native language was thought to be a well disguised code by the Japanese.
He fashioned a career as a well known Navajo silversmith prior to his demise in the early 1970´s. His work is easily recognized by deep stampings and bold designs. He loved to work with large, high quality turquoise stones and fashioned many of the largest Indian jewelry pieces of his era.

Weight: 150 gram

Size: Inner circumference 5 3/4 Inch plus opening 1 1/4 inch

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