Sacred Stone Gallery

Sacred Stone Gallery is the result of more than 36 years  travelling the Southwest of the United States, specially the so called Indian Country, meeting Native American Artists, Indian Traders and lots of nice people, that educated us in building up a collection of Indigenous Art.

We were lucky to spend time with outstanding artists like Tsosie and Mary Taylor, Cippy and his son Waddy Crazy Horse, Orville Tsinnie and his family, Allison Snowhawk Lee, Aaron Anderson the man with the big smile, Rueben Richards, Laurence Saufkie, Fidel Bahe, Vernon Haskie, Weaver Selina, Roy Talahaftewa, Cody Hunter, Shonto Begay and many more.

All pieces in our gallery are unique, one-of–a-kind, bought directly from the artists.

In a time, where mass-production and 24 hour shopping is business as usual, rare natural turquoise from small Southwest mines, some of them already closed, put in one-of-a-kind Native American artistic creations, turns out to a seldom seen rarity with everlasting value.

Please contact us, if you have any questions. We love to share the impressions how we got our native american artwork with our customers.

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Fidel Bahe Ranger Set by Fidel Bahe
Bernhard Dawahoya Buckle by Bernhard Dawahoya
Hopi Eagle Dancer Set by Harold Koruh
Huge Cody Hunter Buckle by Cody Hunter
Royston Buckle Leonard Nez by Leonard Nez
Huge Morenci Ceremonial Bracelet by Unknown Artists
Old Sandcast Royston Buckle by Unknown Artists
Royston Silverleaf Buckle by Apachito
Lone Mountain Turquoise Buckle by Kee Yazzie
Sunface Kachina Buckle by Eddison Wadsworth
Bracelet with Pilot Mountain Turquoise by Orville Tsinnie
Ketoh Style Buckle by Tsosie and Mary Taylor
Tufa-cast Buckle with Morenci Turquoise by Aaron Anderson
Honanie Buckle by Watson Honanie
One of a Kind Coral Ranger Set by Vernon Haskie